‘Trust yourself, then you will know how to live’ (Goethe)

This quote brought jewelry designer Sandy Roele where she is right now in her life; designing and making jewelry for her own label lazola liebling at her studio in Amsterdam. As a designer and maker it is important for her to make people happy with (the energy of) her creations. This is due to a strong internal need to communicate, to connect, with others through her jewelry.

She likes to go back to the source. The craft as counterpart of mass production. Besides her jewelry collection, she also makes custom made pieces and loves to work with other creative people. For example she took part as a designer in House of Mulani, a label which makes clothes and jewelry with an sustainability and awakening point of view.


About Lazola Liebling
Lazola is a South-African name for mostly boys, but also for girls. And it means: calmness after stormy weather on sea. When Sandy heard this, she was touched. It was just what she had experienced on her life path. So, lazola it was. Later she added ‘liebling’ to it. This is because for the biggest part her roots are German (and also French and Polish). Besides that, it sounds nice of course, and ‘liebe’ (love) is something precious, as jewelry can be too.

Contact: info@lazola.nl